Sunday, September 22, 2013

Bosto Kingtee 22HD

Hi guys here is my short review of the new graphics tablet Bosto Kingtee 22HD

(Apologies  in advance for I only used Manga Studio 5 on Windows 7 Ultimate here, so if your hoping for photoshop or zbrush or anything else you have to wait for other reviews by other people that might show up on Bosto's Facebook page . Thank you.)

It was delivered at my home this weekend and as I was un-boxing it I was shocked to see that it was partially damaged on the top left corner.

I don't know if it was dropped by the courier or during the shipment or from the factory because the protective foam inside the box is pretty thick so its a little wonder how it was broken like that if it was dropped. It just really saddens me. Good thing though that the screen itself wasn't damaged, it was only a part of the plastic housing which seems to be brittle. I was really trying hard to be optimistic while un-boxing it.

 Here are clearer pictures of the damage for the Bosto people to see.

Another thing is that it's actually good that they also send a screw driver in the box for an easy attachment for the vesa stand, but mine doesn't have any screws in the box! I had to look for screws in my toolbox that would fit for the stand, good thing I found a pair. So please Bosto double check the contents of the boxes before you ship them.

Mustering optimism, I went ahead on following the manual and installing the driver and thank goodness  it works!
The picture quality is awesome and the pen slides flawlessly in the screen. It is a real comfort for the hand to draw to.

But I still have to adjust my hand and eye coordination because the glass screen is thick so there is a big gap between the tip of the pen and the cursor.

As I am stroking a line down using the G-pen of Manga Studio 5, you can see the gap between the tip of the stylus pen and the line, this is because the screen glass is thick.

 It really bothered me on the first trials because I was hoping that the cursor should be placed like a point of a laser, right in front of the tip of the stylus. But with practice with a couple of drawings I think I get the hang of it. Plus with just slight adjustment of my sitting I can align my eye-pen-cursor coordination and it worked fine for me.

It also doesn't react to very small movements, so if I'm drawing the eyes or other small details like teeth, nails etc., I have to zoom in on the drawing to do it, which is not that big a deal for me, I can still get the result I wanted for the small details, but if Bosto could adjust this bit, it could save time in production of artworks by artists. 

I did liked the stylus pen very much, it is a beauty and really comfortable to hold.

It's a bit triangular so it won't roll over the table and drop on the floor. Not too heavy not too light just the perfect weight for me. But they didn't send extra nibs, so I am hoping that this is very durable because I draw a lot.

So I went a head and tested it for the kind of work that I do with windows 7 Ultimate and Manga Studio 5.
And here are the results.
Quick rough sketch using lighter pencil

 Penciling. I was playing with the darker pencil and mechanical pencil here and sometime the G-pen also.

Inking. I was playing with G-pen,mapping pen and turnip pen.
I am not 100 percent satisfied with the quality of my inking work, I am still adjusting my eye-hand-cursor coordination here, I did tried to avoid using the curved ruler as much as I can but still ended up using them on some of the long lines.

The finished product.
All done in Manga Studio 5, it works well.

It still bothers me every time I see that cracked corner and I'm sad and upset about it, but as far as the performance of this machine has done with my first artwork here, I'm really enjoying it and I want to give my thanks to Bosto for this remarkable graphics tablet.

I bought this tablet among the first customers directly from the manufacturer's site:

Thanks for viewing :D
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  1. Thank you so much for the review, i hope problem about gap between pen nip and screen will be simply solved by new driver update, isn't?

  2. Dude! Return your machine for a replacement! A busted corner is unacceptable. I'm sure the Bosto guys would be happy to replace it for you; they're a young company and eager to keep their press clean.

    Just email them.

    Also, what kind of calibration did you try? That line and pen tip alignment is horrid.

  3. Dude, yes. Agree with Mark.
    Also, you can fix the gap between pen and cursor by intentionally calibrating the tip in the direction you need it to go. If your cursor is off by 2mm to the right of your pen, simply click the crosshairs during calibration 2mm or so to the right of them. If that doesn;t work, try calibrating first without the drivers installed (just using Windows calibration under pen settings) and then when your happy with that, install the Bosto driver and see how it performs.

  4. But guys... Isn't there an optical illusion in the pictures. As Gabo wrote in his review, this isn't about misalignment that needs to be calibrated - this is about the thickness of the screen glass. So when the pictures are taken with an angle like in the review, we can see the gap there. But it's not in the XY-plane, it's actually the Z-axis distance we see! :)

    Nice review Gabo, thanks! Thinking about a Cintiq alternative.

  5. Thanks for the review. I'm feeling more optimistic now :D