Monday, April 7, 2014

Fairies of Balete 魎 भानमती

Every time I go out, I make sure I bring any of my sketch pads and a pencil and eraser. As an artist you will never know when you are going to have an art emergency. The kind of emergencies like you're doing some grocery or shopping, then a long time friend calls you tells you he's back in town and would want to catch up right at the mall where you're currently at but he's still an hour away and your done shopping. Good thing I always bring my art-utility satchel so it can become artistically fun waiting at Starbucks.

Below is the quick sketch that I did on a sketch pad with recycled paper from papemelroti. It's just the size of a regular notebook.
This was done last December of 2013.
Then I suddenly had the urge to continue it. So I scanned it and opened Manga Studio.



Flat colors

Final piece

I started with recycled paper, and finished it with Bosto Kingtee 22HD.
So I reckon it's safe to say that no tree has been (recently) killed on the making of this artwork :D
Hope you guys like it :D

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